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    Kashgar-Hoten-Kucha 4 days tour


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    Kashgar-Hoten-Kucha 4 days tour Empty Kashgar-Hoten-Kucha 4 days tour

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    Kashgar - Yarkand - Hotan - Niya - Taklimakan Desert Camping - Kucha ( 4 days Silk Road)
    This is one of the most recommended tours by French tour groups and individuals, whenever we organize trips to the Sunday Market in Hotan or camel riding in the Taklimakan Desert. This tour will offer you both the opportunity to enjoy camel riding in the desert as well as the chance to experience Uyghur history and culture up close and personal in the villages on towns on route to Kucha.
    During the time of the Silk Road Yarkand, Hotan, Niya, Kucha and other towns around the Tarim basin were developed cities and former capitals of their respective Uyghur kingdoms. Yarkand, Hotan and Kucha especially, have long histories and are home to many abandoned settlements and historical sights.
    The Taklimakan Desert is the second largest shifting sand desert in the world and its name means that "underneath is a developed city". Our tour guide will be happy to tell you the story of why the Uyghur's give it this name. Of the Taklimakan, people say that one who goes in, doesn鈥檛 come out. However on this trip, rest assured your time will be a thoroughly enjoyable one and we strongly recommend camping in the desert to experience the real vibe of the Taklimakan (optional).
    Overall, this is an excellent chance to explore the old Silk Road cities and towns in the desert and we are confident you will find our tour guides and arrangements first class by any standard.
    Day 01
    Kashgar - Yengisar - Yarkand - Kargilik - Hotan (540km/336miles)
    Our driver and experienced Silk Road guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00am local time and drive you to Hotan. First stop is at a Yengisar Knife Factory in the famous knife town of the same known whose quality and workmanship are renown throughout Xinjiang.
    Pushing on we will have lunch in Yarkand, a former capital of Uyghur Kingdoms in the Past. In Yarkand, we will visit the Golden Mosque, Amannisahan Tomb (a famous musician in 16th Century.), Tomb of Kings during the Seidiye Kingdom and an interesting graveyard for locals in the Town. During the time of the Silk Road, Yarkand was a developed city and a major transportation hub. Throughout history, many musicians from India and Kashmir came here to learn.
    After lunch, we will visit the old town and then drive on to Hotan. On the way, we will stop in Kargilik (Yecheng in Chinese) to see the Jamma Mosque and local market. We should arrive in Hotan at about 5:00pm local time and check into the 3 Star Muztagh Hotel.
    Day 02
    Hotan - Keriya - Niya (303km/188miles)
    Our time in Hotan begins after breakfast with a visit to a Jade factory, looking for Jade along the Kara Kax (Black Jade River), as well as visits to Silk and Atlas cloth workshops and a local carpet factory. Moving on to Keriya, the town is reputed to have the smallest ladies hat in the world and local women are famous for wearing it. In town, we eat lunch at local Uyghur Restaurant and drive onto Niya via a large grassland with beautiful flowing sand dunes.
    The road is generally good (except in parts) and we can stop for photos whenever you like in villages along the way. We should arrive in Niya around 5.00pm local time and check in to either the Niya Gong yu Hotel or Baorui Hotel. Both of these are the best hotels in Niya, though we can stay anywhere you request. Once in town, we will Niya Museum which contains two very well preserved mummies recovered from Niya Ancient City some years ago.
    Day 03
    Niya - Imam Jafer Sadiq Tomb - Taklimakan desert - Kucha (670km/416miles)
    Today, after an early morning bite, we will drive into the Taklimakan Desert, on the way stopping off to visit the Imam Asim Jafer Sadiq Tomb. Local people from around the area often come here on pilgrimage as they say it is a holy place to visit. Then we will drive out along the Taklimakan Desert along the Desert highway.
    As we move through an amazing vista of sweeping dunes, we can stop to take photos as often as you like and explore the exciting landscape of the Taklimakan. This is the real desert and a great chance to soak up the atmosphere. We will have our lunch in the desert before heading on to a natural forest of Poplar trees. Photos here are always incredible and better than in other parts. Later we will break at the Tarim River bridge for a rest and cold drinks [non-touristy] and hopefully arrive in Kucha around 5.30pm local time. We will check in to either the 3 Star Kucha Fandian or 3 Star or Kucha Hotel.
    Day 04
    Kucha - Kizil Thousand Buddha caves - Beacon Tower (250km/155miles)
    Itinerary today begins with a visit to the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, about 75kms from the city. The caves date back to the 3rd century CE and took around 500 years to complete. They form one of the highpoints of Uyghur civilization and a proud part of our heritage. The caves are divided into eastern and western sections. The eastern sections were generally painted the same and include many descriptions of Buddhist legends. The western sections describe the life of Sakyamuni (The historical Buddha). Our tour guide can help you learn more about the history of this fascinating place.

    In the afternoon, we will visit the Ancient City of Subash and Ancient City of Wushkat. At one time these were both thriving civilizations making a living on the Silk Road trade that flowed nearby. Your tour guide will help you with the history. Important Info: If your time allows you might like to visit the Tongguzbashi ancient city which is only 60km from Kucha. It is one of the most well preserved ancient cities in Xinjiang.
    Our service must sadly end here today in your hotel, yet we hope you had a fantastic time and are more than satisfied by your time with us. If you are interested in adding further tours around Kucha.
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