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    Xinjiang is the birthplace of the world's best carpets. Xinjiang carpets are known for their long history, skilled production and fame. Xinjiang carpets are renowned the world over and even today their manufacture and export is a source of income for many.
    Xinjiang carpet is not only renown in China, but around the world. Its smooth glossy surface, soft blanket board very real, beautiful, colors brighter, more distinctive national characteristics and strong local color of the carpet pattern in the international carpet industry is also unique.
    Xinjiang Xinjiang carpet as important traditional export commodities, won a rare praise of users around the world, known as the unique style of oriental rugs.
    Hotan, Xinjiang is the home of carpets, oriental rugs, also known as Xinjiang carpet, style, pattern and color are full of rich ethnic characteristics and local styles, superior to the raw materials, fine texture, dense pile, blanket Mianbao flat fan pattern like the known. Wide variety of brilliant colors mottled, mostly symmetrical patterns, neat, rough lines, strong color contrast.
    Hotan carpets are handmade Oriental carpets system, mainly in Hotan, hence the name Hotan carpet.” Hotan carpets sophisticated materials, fine weavers, is popular in today one of the main domestic and foreign consumers. Its Hotan sheep wool fiber with moderate thickness, elasticity large, high tensile strength, a silky sheen, anti-denatured good, lint-free, feel good, woven into carpets soft, flexible, durable, moisture corrosion resistance, long-term shop use, durable gloss refundable.
    Hotan carpets according to content and form of patterns can be divided into eight categories: Anaguli (pomegranate),sham nus ha (fancy wax), open the Pelican (wave), yilan nus ha (Persian), Kasman (scatter array type), Ai to Viktor ska (foreign fancy), thanks to the West its Cech (five fancy) and Bo Gu style. Apart from this eight categories, there Baidian blanket and character of modern textile design, flowers and birds and landscape tapestries, unique.
    Hotan carpets are now the most valuable products in the arts and crafts, collecting, and use it just like cultural relics, just like gold blanket collection. Its future value-added space huge.

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